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                                 Traditional Neighborhood Homes (TNH) Catalog                     Pricing



 Traditional Neighborhood Home Plans  (PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR WHAT'S INCLUDED)

less than 1,000 square feet: $850  
1,000 to 2,000 square feet: $1,100
2,001 to 2,800 square feet: $1,600
2,801 to 3,200 square feet: $2,500
more than 3,200 square feet:

$1 per square foot

* All study sets are $250 and go toward price of full Construction Document set *

* Mirrored versions of house plans are available for an additional $400 *

Evolution Series Plans

Core: 2 WEEK DELAY TIME $1,100 
Knuckle:  2 WEEK DELAY TIME $200
Appendage:  2 WEEK DELAY TIME $500

Outbuilding Plans  

Sheds: $400
1 story with parking: $450
2 story with parking: $600


Construction sets are shipped via e-mail as a PDF file.

Hard copy and CD of PDF's can be purchased for: an additional $45 plus shipping
AutoCAD version on CD can be purchased for:  an additional $450 plus shipping

*We are not responsible if AutoCAD plans do not work properly in other drafting software applications.

*A license agreement is included which gives the purchaser permission to change and/or make copies to the purchased plan for use to build one instance of the home.  Copies may be made by purchaser at a local print shop.


Same day e-mail transfer of .PDF files $15
UPS Ground transfer of CD and hard copy $45
UPS Overnight transfer of CD and hard copy $100

Reuse Fees

10% off first reuse        *        25% off 2nd-4th reuse        *        40% off 5+ reuses

* Purchase of 3 or more plans at one time is 10% off original plan price

Hard Copy Catalogs

Our catalog has become too large to sell as a single book so we have divided it up to cater it to our clients needs.  The price is based on a per section fee.  All catalogs are mailed via UPS Ground and have a standard shipping rate of $10.

Guest Cottages and Petite Cottages (41 plans) $10 
Small Cottages (45 plans) $10
Large Cottages and Manorhouses (43 plans) $10

Outbuildings are provided free upon request with the purchase of any of the above collections.

Additional Fees

If lateral load engineering is required for construction in South Carolina coastal areas, MDG can coordinate this service with a SC licensed engineer for $850.00.  Engineering may be required in other states as well.  Please call for availability and quote.

*All SC residents, please add an additional 7% on to plan price for SC Sales Tax